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How to become a hockey fan

January 17th, 2019 · No Comments · Books, Children, City Library, Main Branch, News, Teens, West Branch

To celebrate Los Angeles Kings night, the Monarchs wore an alternate purple and yellow jersey, similar to the Kings’ 1980s, in their game against the Providence Bruins on January 17, 2015.

Ever since I saw a NHL Winter Classic game on New Year’s Day over ten years ago, I have been in love with the sport of hockey. I had never been too into watching sports before then, so it was by chance (or fate) that I ended up watching that game on television that afternoon. Something about the way the puck moved around the ice, followed by players of both teams like circling hawks, captivated my interest and kept me watching the whole game. The game itself was exciting, but low scoring –tied 1-1 after 60 minutes of play, sending the game into overtime. When overtime ended without a goal, the teams headed into a shootout to break the tie. I had never watched a game so intently as I did for those few moments each player had the puck, slowly winding up to the opposing net to try to score on the opponent’s goalie. One after the other, players from each team took turns, but the final score was decided by a goal from the visiting team’s captain. Despite not having heard of that player -or either team- before that day, I nearly jumped off the couch when he scored the winning goal. It was that goal that sealed my fate as a hockey fan, and I have spent the last ten years staying up late to watch hockey games, spending too much money on team merchandise, stressing way too much about who has possession of a tiny piece of vulcanized rubber, and yet somehow enjoying all of it.

Watching sports may sound stressful, but it can be very entertaining – even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on. It’s been over ten years, and I am still by no means a hockey expert, yet that doesn’t stop me from having fun. Even though I much prefer to watch hockey on my television in the comfort of my own home, there is nothing quite like seeing it in person with an arena full of exuberant fans. The cheering fans, the proximity to the ice and players, the atmosphere, and even the food, make the experience unforgettable. If you are a hockey fan, love the Monarchs, or want to attend a game, and would like to support the library, purchase tickets for the February 9th game against the Cincinnati Cyclones through this link to support the library foundation fundraiser. Even if you have never watched a hockey game before, this event could be a fun way to become a new fan of the sport, or to just spend an entertaining evening out with friends.

The Monarchs changed into their regular white jerseys during first intermission because the purple and yellow looked too similar to the Bruins black and yellow.

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