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Curbside Services Expanded – Library Building Access Closed

November 25th, 2020 · City Library, Events, Main Branch

Effective November 30th the library will be switching back to only curbside services.  We apologize but internal access to the building will no longer be available.  Curbside services will run:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:  10 AM to 4 PM

Tuesday & Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Staff will continue to be in the building to assist with online library cards, placing holds, research, homework and with online digital services.  Our wireless internet will be on 24/7 to use from our parking lot.  Library programming continues to be online and more information can be found on our blog. 

Please continue to place returns in the outside bins for us to empty.  The Library Staff and Trustees are sorry for the inconvenience for this temporary step back in services and wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

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Retellings, sequels, prequels, and re-imaginings

November 30th, 2020 · Books, City Library, Events, Main Branch, West Branch

When someone says the word ‘fanfiction’ you might think of something a teenager wrote about One Direction and posted on Wattpad, or Hugo Award winning website Archive of Our Own. But did you know that some fanfiction actually gets published? And we even have some in our library? Oxford dictionary defines it as “fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.”, so books like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith or Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson by Lyndsay Faye are technically fanfiction. Retellings and variations of classic books and characters like these are more popular than one might realize.

Enjoy some of your favorite characters in these variations, prequels, and sequels of classic books like Pride and Prejudice or Madame Bovaray. See Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot take on new adventures with different authors. Interested in creating your own stories like this for National Novel Writing Month? See what characters are available in public domain here.

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Get Ready to “Duke” It Out

November 29th, 2020 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

Get ready watch these dukes in action in the battle of their hearts.

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Financial Literacy: Invest in Yourself

November 27th, 2020 · City Library, Events, Main Branch, Virtual Programs, West Branch

Manchester City Library and St. Mary’s Bank team up to bring you this 4-part series designed to help you review your financial health!

December’s topic is Investments. We’ll go over the two most important savings you should have: an emergency fund and a retirement fund. We’ll also cover the basics of compound interest and different investment vehicles.

Attendees will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card! Sign up today so you don’t miss your chance!

Registration is not required, but if you’d like a reminder email, you can sign up through the Library Calendar! You’ll also receive links to download handouts that will be used during class.

If you have questions, please call Sue Harmon at 603-624-6550 x3319 or email

Zoom Info

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 926 9305 1925

Passcode: 642571

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Periodic Table of Disney

November 23rd, 2020 · Ages 0-2, Ages 2-3, Ages 4-5, Ages 6-13, Children, City Library, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-12, Grades K-2, Main Branch, Teens, Trustees, West Branch

Disney has been a part of our lives for many decades, producing many wonderful memories for families. We thought it would be fun to combine chemistry with Disney, so we created this periodic table. Like the periodic table of elements, this table has “subcategories” too. These subcategories include the Sensational Six, Animals, Sidekicks, Princesses, Heroes/Heroines, Muppets, Live Action, Pixar, Star Wars/Marvel and Villains. Representing Hydrogen, in our table is Steamboat Willie, one of the original movies produced by Disney. It was hard choosing what character represents each “element.” Some of our favorite “elements” include Mary Poppins, Christopher Robin’s Friends, Quasimodo & Esmeralda, Hercules & Meg, Mr. Fredricksen & Russell and Anna & Elsa. Come check out the display at the library, and see if your favorites were chosen as an “element.” Relive some childhood memories, watch a Disney movie or listen to some Disney music, or read a book that inspired Disney’s creations. Create some new memories with your family. Check out the display at the library and visit Hoopla for Disney fun. Susanna & Michelle: Library Staff.

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Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage

November 21st, 2020 · Books, City Library, Events, Main Branch, Virtual Programs, West Branch

Join us for a talk on the woman suffrage fight in Maine presented by Anne Gass, author of Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine’s Fight for Woman Suffrage. She is also the great grand-daughter of Florence Brooks Whitehouse.

Sign-ups for this program are not required, but if you would like a reminder email, you can sign up here!

For questions, please contact Amy Hanmer at or call 603-624-6550 x3320. Zoom Info:
Meeting ID: 970 1603 2404Passcode: 294249

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Thanksgiving Holiday – Library Closed Thanksgiving & Black Friday

November 19th, 2020 · Children, City Library, Events, Holidays, Main Branch, Teens, West Branch

Happy Thanksgiving!
The library will be closed on both Thursday, November 26th, and Friday, November 27th, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will reopen at our normal hours on Monday and we look forward to seeing you then.
The library trustees and staff are thankful for you all and wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

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Holiday Recipe Exchange

November 19th, 2020 · Books, City Library, Events, Main Branch, Teens, West Branch

The holiday season might look different this year due to the pandemic, but there are a few things we can try to keep as normal as possible. For example, are you disappointed you won’t get to have grandma’s famous green bean casserole this Thanksgiving? Or that amazing blueberry pie your uncle makes? Try hosting a recipe exchange with your family either virtually through email, or with handwritten recipe cards. If you’re looking for more holiday recipes, stop by the library for one of these holiday cookbooks.

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Mayflower 400th anniversary

November 16th, 2020 · Books, City Library, Events, Local History, Main Branch, NH Room, West Branch

400 years ago, in late November, the Mayflower reached Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. Their intended destination was Virginia, but strong winds kept them in what we now know as New England. After facing hardship for years before the voyage, the pilgrims’ lives were not about to get easier any time soon.

The puritans aboard the Mayflower had lived in exile in the Netherlands for several years due to religious differences with the Church of England. They fled their homeland in fear of persecution, and lived a difficult life in Holland, only managing to secure low paying and hard labor jobs. When the political atmosphere changed in Holland, the puritans sought to settle in North America.

The voyage to the New World started in July, when the Mayflower made its way down the Thames to meet the Speedwell, a smaller ship carrying the passengers from Holland. However, the Speedwell sprung a leak and had to be repaired several times, before it was deemed unsafe to cross the Atlantic. Now overcrowded after taking on the Speedwell’s occupants, and already running low on provisions, the Mayflower finally set out for Virginia on September 16.

After facing several storms, one of which nearly broke the mast, the ship reached land and set anchor on November 21, 1620. The frozen ground and snow drifts made it impossible to settle on land, so they remained on the ship for the winter. The settlers luckily received help from the Wampanoag tribe, which they likely would not have survived without.

After the Pilgrims were finally able to disembark the ship and establish a settlement, the Mayflower and her crew returned to England in April of 1621, arriving in London a month later on May 16, 1621. From there, her history is not clear, but it is possible that some of the timber from the ship was used to construct a barn in South Buckinghamshire in 1624, which still stands today.

Read about the Pilgrims journey to the new world with one these books on display at the library.

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Mills: Shaping Our Past, Present and Future

November 14th, 2020 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, News, Teens

Drive around New England and you are bound to come across a mill town. In fact, it is here in New England that the Industrial Revolution took off in the United States. Textile and paper mills, some of which are still in operation, were found in places like Manchester, Nashua, and Berlin, New Hampshire as well as Rumford, Maine and Lowell, Massachusetts.

These mills provided jobs and, in many cases, the demand for workers was so high families came from the countryside or even immigrated for work. This changing population settled in mill towns and left a mark. Even today, there are neighborhoods that reflect the immigrant populations that lived here. Rimmon Heights and Notre Dame are neighborhoods with historically French-Canadian residents, as is French Hill in Nashua.

Over time, many mills slowed production or shut down completely, leaving those that depended on them out of work and struggling. This also had an impact on the local economy with the loss of income having ripple effects on local businesses. After a major economic downturn, some mill towns revitalized the mill districts and brought in fresh blood. Mills today are used for restaurants, apartments, and a wide range of other businesses.

Manchester City Library has an assortment of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about mills. You can check them out here!

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