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Additional Hours of Operation

August 2nd, 2021 · City Library, Library Hours, Main Branch, Uncategorized, West Branch

The Library Staff and Trustees are happy to announce additional hours of operation starting August 2, 2021.

Main Library Hours

Monday and Friday: 9 am-5 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 am-8 pm
Saturday: 9 am-2 pm

West Branch Hours

Monday through Friday: 1 pm-5 pm

When you visit the library buildings the following will still apply:

  • Library staff and visitors are welcome to wear a mask but they are not required.
  • Curbside service is available at the main library only during operational hours.
  • The buildings are still being cleaned regularly.
  • Fines are being charged for overdue materials.
  • Hand sanitizer is available and social distancing is still encouraged.
  • Computer stations are limited and are available on a first come basis during all operational hours.
  • Charging of personal electronic devices can be done by using the secure charging lockers on the main floor at both buildings.
  • The Art & Music Rooms on the second floor of the main library remain open for browsing.
  • The Main Library’s NH Room hours are
    • Monday & Friday 9 am to 5 pm
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 11 am to 8 pm
    • Saturday 9 am to 2 pm
  • All meeting rooms are for library use only. We will re-evaluate this decision monthly as discussions with our Health Department continue.
  • Library programs will continue on our online platform with some on site programming starting by the fall.  Watch for outside events via social media!

We look forward to offering expanded services as we continue to create a safe, welcoming environment for all visitors.  

Denise M. van Zanten
Library Director

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Banned Books Week

September 26th, 2021 · Uncategorized

September 26 through October 2 marks Banned Books Week, a week when we learn the importance of not banning books from libraries by seeing all the ridiculous reasons titles have been challenged at libraries around the country. This year, I thought we could try something a little different. To show how absurd it is to ban a book based on one person’s or group’s feelings, I wanted to create a list of books I would ban from this library if I could.

For starters, I hate math. I have always had trouble with numbers and grew to hate the subject at an early age. Therefore, I’d ban math books. Seems counterproductive, right? Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to read some of the books in our collection to help me with math? Nope. I’d ban them because I don’t like the subject.

Secondly, I am terrified of spiders and don’t want to see one in this library – even if it’s just in a book. All books with spiders – yup, that includes “Charlotte’s Web”— would be on my ban list.

I had to read “The Scarlett Letter” in school and hated it, so it’s on my ban list. I didn’t like the way “A City Bakers Guide to Country Living” ended, so it’s on my list too (I liked the rest of the book though). “The Sense of an Ending” had just that – a sense of an ending, a disappointing and underwhelming ending, so I’d ban that too. Book one of the Department Q series was too dark for me, so I’d add that to my list. The rest of that series is probably also pretty dark, so why not ban it too – just in case?

Before anyone takes this too seriously, this is satire. None of these books are actually going to be banned from the library, but you get the point.


Your local dyscalculic arachnophobe


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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Recommendations for September

September 23rd, 2021 · Books, City Library, Library Hours, Main Branch

Piracy has a long and entertaining legacy in literature, and it’s never been limited to the seven seas. There’s plenty of tales to be told about piracy in the great, unknown, vastness of space. Adventure awaits in these tales of futuristic criminals!


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Animals, Animals, Animals! Read All About Them

September 22nd, 2021 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

Animals abound in unexpected ways in the September edition of BookPage. From a scientist’s investigation into criminal behavior in the animal world to speculation of Einstein’s hypothetical encounter with time-traveling mouse, some prolific authors have turned to nature for their next muse.

  • Fuzz: When nature breaks the law by Mary Roach. An in-depth interview reveals why the science writer decided to turn her attention to critters that steal food, invade homes, or commit outright murder. Other books by this author are already on the shelf at Manchester City Library: Grunt : the curious science of humans at war ; Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal ; Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers.
  • Einstein by Torben Kuhlmann – Author / illustrator Torben Kuhlman has a thing for mice. This book review examines his story weaving skills as he asks the age old question: “What if Einstein was inspired by a time-traveling mouse?” To get a taste for Kuhlman’s use of illustration and writing, check out  Moletown from our fiction shelves.
  • The Secret History of Food by Matt Siegel –  Author Matt Siegel offers up some of the strange facts from his book in this feature story, including how Patagonia Toothfish came to be called Chilean Sea Bass, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s quest for a supercow that could out-produce American dairy cows. The list might just make you curious to check out Siegel’s book from our print collection!

You can pick up a print copy of BookPage at the Manchester City Library at the Information Desk in the library rotunda and at the West Branch. Use it to find out what’s new in the book world, choose your next reading material, or learn about authors you’ve never read before!

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Haunted Lighthouses of New England

September 20th, 2021 · City Library, Events, Main Branch, West Branch

The Manchester City Library invites you to a chilling presentation on New England’s haunted lighthouses on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 7pm EST via Zoom.

Lighthouses are picturesque icons that remind us of our rich maritime history, but they also have a “dark side.” Lighthouses and ghost stories often seem to go hand in hand, as confirmed by the many horror stories and movies that have utilized lighthouses as their settings. This presentation will focus on some of the macabre tales of New England’s coastal beacons, including the lovelorn spirit known as Ernie at Connecticut’s New London Ledge Light and the piano playing ghost of Maine’s Seguin Light. Also included will be accounts of strange happenings at America’s oldest light station, Boston Light, and at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Hampshire.

Jeremy D’Entremont has been called the leading expert on New England’s historic lighthouses; he is the president and historian of the American Lighthouse Foundation, historian for the U.S. Lighthouse Society, and the author of more than 20 books and hundreds of articles on lighthouses and maritime history. He’s the producer and host of the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s podcast, Light Hearted. He has appeared on the popular Ghost Hunters TV show, as well as Haunted Lighthouses of America on the Travel Channel. He has also appeared on the History Channel, Public Television, and National Public Radio speaking about lighthouses.

For questions, call Caitlin at 603-624-6550 x3320 or email

Signup for this program is not required, but if you’d like a reminder email, you can sign up through our library calendar! You’ll also receive an email with the Zoom meeting link! Visit and click on “Upcoming Events” to view the library calendar. Click here to be taken directly to the event, or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

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Our Library Trustees Recommend –

September 17th, 2021 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, Trustees, West Branch

Don’t you just love hearing about what other book lovers are reading? Maybe it’s a book about something you’ve never heard about before nor considered looking at. Here’s what our Library Trustees have enjoyed reading in August. These are perfect for your last summer-time trip to the beach or lake. Call us at 624-6550 ext. 3319 for help locating a copy or two.

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Time travel!

September 14th, 2021 · Books, City Library, Library Hours, Main Branch

Hop on board the Waverider or Tardis, into the DeLorean or hot tub, and travel back in time with one of these time-travel themed historical fiction novels. If you could time travel and just be an observer with no effect on the future, where/when would you go?

*Disclaimer: please do not bring library books into the hot tub!”


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DIY Pumpkin Scented Candles

September 14th, 2021 · Adult Take & Make Crafts, City Library, Events, Main Branch

Usher in fall to your home with these fun, easy, pumpkin scented candles! This little craft is simple to make and a great way to decorate your home. Made with soy wax, essential oils, and real mini pumpkins, it’s eco-friendly and vegan, too!

These fragrant kits will be available for pickup starting September 14, 2021. These kits are for adults only and are available while supplies last. For more information, call Sue Harmon at 603-624-6550 x 3320 or email

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National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

September 13th, 2021 · City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

Today is national Celiac Disease Awareness Day. This day hopes to bring a better understanding for this disease. This day is observed on September 13, on the birthday of Samuel Gee. He was an English physician, and was the one to describe the disease and treatment for it, for the present day. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease, meaning the body attacks its own self, when exposed to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.  In Latin: gluten means glue, which holds the grains together. The only treatment for Celiac Disease is avoiding gluten. According to the Mayo Clinic: “70% remain exposed to gluten while on the gluten-free diet, putting their long term health at risk.” Food cooked in a toaster, pans, pots that had gluten cooked in them: is contaminated. This food is not safe for people with Celiac Disease. Finding and making your own gluten-free food has come a long way in recent years. I have followed a gluten-free diet for 8 years, and during that short amount of time there has been many changes for the better, in gluten-free food availability. There is more information and resources to utilize. One of my favorite gluten-free cookbooks is The How can it be Gluten Free Cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen. This cookbook goes into greater detail about different types of flours available, comparing the different brands of gluten-free flours: Bob’s Red Mill Flour, King Arthur: Gluten Free Flour Blend & their mixture of America’s Test Kitchen. Some of my favorite recipes from this cookbook include: Brazilian Cheese Rolls (taste like Cheez It), Pizza Dough, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. Come to the library, checkout National Celiac Disease Awareness Day display. There are books about Celiac Disease, and Gluten-Free cookbooks. Also, checkout our ebook platforms for more resources.

Susanna: Library Staff

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The Periodic Table of Laughter: Comics: Cartoons: Graphic Novels

September 11th, 2021 · City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

An ancient proverb said “laughter is the best medicine.” With the difficulties of this past year, we could certainly do with a little laughter. Come to the library, checkout the display of Periodic Table of Laughter. Inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements, this table includes many “elements” of laughter. Like the original table, there are subcategories including D.C. Comics, Marvel Comics, Hanna Barbera cartoons, current comics, comic/ cartoon animals, The Adventure of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends, Cartoon families, Graphic Novels, Peanuts, and Looney Tunes. In this table, Krazy Kat represents Hydrogen, this is one of the earliest comic strips printed in an American newspaper. Some of my favorite “elements” include the Peanuts elements, but I also like Mutts from the current comics, and Scooby Doo and his gang of friends from Hanna Barbera subcategory. Come check out the display at the library, and see if your favorites were chosen as an “element.” Relive some childhood memories, by reading some comics, watch a movie inspired by cartoons, or read something new in a graphic novel. Check out the display at the library and visit Hoopla for more comics and graphic novels. Susanna: Library Staff

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OverDrive/Libby services effected on Spetember 8th

September 8th, 2021 · Books, City Library, E-Books, Main Branch, West Branch

On Wednesday, September 8th, from 8:00-12:00 in the morning, our OverDrive/Libby services within the library catalog will be down for updating and maintenance. During this time, patrons will not be able to check out or check in titles from the Online Library Catalog. The OverDrive (Libby) app and website should not be affected by this maintenance. Should you need assistance with OverDrive/Libby please call us at the Information Desk at 624-6550 ext. 3319.

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