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American History

March 3rd, 2015 · 1 Comment · Books, City Library, Events, Main Branch

It has often been stated that fact is stranger than fiction. Take a stroll down the American History section of the non-fiction section, located in the 973–979 (Dewey Decimal call number) neighborhood and see what adventures and drama you can find.

American History books (call number 973) are ordered chronologically by time period, including the period prior to this land becoming known as the United States. The following gives you a basic call number outline:

973.1   Early history to the year 1607

973.2   Colonial Period, 1607–1775

Creating towns and governments with different beliefs, after surviving the dangerous and often deadly journey from Europe. European countries fighting each other for control of the land and resources.

973.3   Periods of Revolution and Confederation, 1775–1789

The colonies fight Great Britain for their independence and work on forming a working government.

973.4   Constitutional Period, 1789–1809

The creation of our present government based on the Constitution, and its evolution over time. The growth in the land size of the United States, including the Louisiana Purchase.

973.5   1809–1845

This time period includes the presidencies of James Madison, Andrew Jackson, along with other Presidents of the United States. The British invade American soil during the War of 1812, including the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore.

973.6   1845–1861

The swift settlement of additional lands in the Western part of the nation and increasing debates about slavery. The rush for gold in California took place in this time period.

973.7   Administration of Abraham Lincoln, 1861–1865

States leaving the Union and creating their own government, which was one factor that ignited the American Civil War.

973.8   Reconstruction period, 1865–1901

Presidents during this period included Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, two separate administrations of Grover Cleveland and the assassinated William McKinley. The territory governed by the United States grew as result of the 1898 Spanish – American War.

973.9    1901 – Today

Presidents during this time period include Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt. The 1920’s were the period of Prohibition, while the 1930s were the times of the Great Depression.

The 974 to 979 call numbers break the states up into regions, and books on specific states are usually found in this neighborhood. The regions are:

974   New England and Middle Atlantic States

New Hampshire call number is 974.2

975  South Atlantic States

976    South Central United States

  • North Central United States
  • Western United States
  • Great Basin and Pacific Slope region of United States

Enjoy your journey along the time line of America. You just down now what fascinating story you come upon.

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