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Doing the 2020 Census With Amy

March 30th, 2020 · 1 Comment · City Library, Events, Main Branch, West Branch

Ok, it’s time to do the Census.  This is one thing that actually won’t be canceled, postponed, re-scheduled, or Zoomed.

Here’s a play-by-play of my adventure filling out the 2020 Census online.

Time:  1:54pm – opened invitation letter from the Census (actually, they sent two invitation letters – guess they really want me to fill out this thing.).  I have until April 1st to do so online.  The invitation contains the website for filling out the Census and gives your unique Census I.D. # which you’ll enter to start the questionnaire.  So, I went to, clicked start questionnaire, and put in the I.D. # on the Census letter.  Here I go.

Time: 1:55pm – Answering basic address questions, doing great.

Time: 1:57pm – Answered “Household Questions”. Going on to the “People Questions” (seriously, these are the actual category names…).  Oh, a snag!  Asked year of birth.  Took 5 minutes to scroll all the way down to the year…ok moving on.

Time:  2:01 – Done with the people questions.  I’m feeling pretty comfortable about this whole thing at this point.  “Does Amy stay anywhere other than the address given?”.  Well, no, but I’d really like to stay somewhere else during bike week…

Time:  2:03 – Done and submitted!  That’s really all there is to it.  Unless you have a more complicated living arrangement, it might take you 15 minutes instead of nine.   

The end.  Whew!  Now I can rest up until the next Census in 2030.

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