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Spring 2019 Afternoon at the Movies

January 22nd, 2019 · City Library, Events, Main Branch, Movies

Winter Blues have you feeling down? Here is the line up for our Spring 2019 “Afternoon at the Movies” series.  We are continuing with our “featured actor” theme, and this Spring we are featuring movies with Sally Field. All movies are closed captioned and show on Wednesday afternoons promptly at 1:00 PM. For more information please contact Ruth at 624-6550 ext. 3307.

Here is the line up for our Spring 2019 “Afternoon at the Movies” series.  We are continuing with our “featured actor” theme, and this Spring we are featuring movies with Sally Field. All movies are closed captioned and show on Wednesday afternoons promptly at 1:00 PM. For more information please contact Ruth at 624-6550 ext. 3307.

*** March 6, 2019 – Absence of Malice  (PG 116 mins.)

March 13, 2019 – Alpha  (PG-13 96 mins.)

March 20, 2019 – The Sting  (PG 129 mins.)

March 27, 2019 – Where Hope Grows  (PG-13 95 mins.)

*** April 3, 2019 – Places in the Heart  (PG 112 mins.)

April 10, 2019 – Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again  (PG-13 114 mins.)

April 17, 2019 – A Civil Action  (PG-13 115 mins.)

April 24, 2019 – Christopher Robin  (PG 120 mins.)

 *** May 1, 2019 – Smokey and the Bandit  (PG 96 mins.)

May 8, 2019 – Crazy Rich Asians  (PG-13 120 mins.)

May 15, 2019 – Fly Away Home  (PG 107 mins.)

May 22, 2019 – House With a Clock in Its Walls  (PG 104 mins.)

May 29, 2019 – White Fang  (PG 104 mins.)

See you at the movies!

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Recommended Reading for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lovers! January 2019

January 18th, 2019 · Audiobooks, Books, City Library, E-Books, Main Branch, News, Technology, Teens, West Branch

Looking for something similar to the classic Sci-Fi Alien(s) series? We got you covered!

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Library closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Day

January 17th, 2019 · City Library, Events, Main Branch, News, West Branch

The Manchester City Library and the Manchester West Branch Library will be closed on Monday, January 21st, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. – Civil Rights Day. We will reopen on Tuesday morning at our normal times.

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How to become a hockey fan

January 17th, 2019 · Books, Children, City Library, Main Branch, News, Teens, West Branch

To celebrate Los Angeles Kings night, the Monarchs wore an alternate purple and yellow jersey, similar to the Kings’ 1980s, in their game against the Providence Bruins on January 17, 2015.

Ever since I saw a NHL Winter Classic game on New Year’s Day over ten years ago, I have been in love with the sport of hockey. I had never been too into watching sports before then, so it was by chance (or fate) that I ended up watching that game on television that afternoon. Something about the way the puck moved around the ice, followed by players of both teams like circling hawks, captivated my interest and kept me watching the whole game. The game itself was exciting, but low scoring –tied 1-1 after 60 minutes of play, sending the game into overtime. When overtime ended without a goal, the teams headed into a shootout to break the tie. I had never watched a game so intently as I did for those few moments each player had the puck, slowly winding up to the opposing net to try to score on the opponent’s goalie. One after the other, players from each team took turns, but the final score was decided by a goal from the visiting team’s captain. Despite not having heard of that player -or either team- before that day, I nearly jumped off the couch when he scored the winning goal. It was that goal that sealed my fate as a hockey fan, and I have spent the last ten years staying up late to watch hockey games, spending too much money on team merchandise, stressing way too much about who has possession of a tiny piece of vulcanized rubber, and yet somehow enjoying all of it.

Watching sports may sound stressful, but it can be very entertaining – even if you don’t fully understand what’s going on. It’s been over ten years, and I am still by no means a hockey expert, yet that doesn’t stop me from having fun. Even though I much prefer to watch hockey on my television in the comfort of my own home, there is nothing quite like seeing it in person with an arena full of exuberant fans. The cheering fans, the proximity to the ice and players, the atmosphere, and even the food, make the experience unforgettable. If you are a hockey fan, love the Monarchs, or want to attend a game, and would like to support the library, purchase tickets for the February 9th game against the Cincinnati Cyclones through this link to support the library foundation fundraiser. Even if you have never watched a hockey game before, this event could be a fun way to become a new fan of the sport, or to just spend an entertaining evening out with friends.

The Monarchs changed into their regular white jerseys during first intermission because the purple and yellow looked too similar to the Bruins black and yellow.

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Knowledge: More than Black and White

January 15th, 2019 · City Library, Events, Library Promotions, Main Branch, Technology, Teens

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Do You Have Tax Forms?

January 15th, 2019 · City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

We will! Call us at 624-6550 or check out our website for updates.
When they arrive, they will be located in the reading room near the printer. Ask the Information/Technology Desk in the Rotunda and they’ll be happy to show you.

Current forms are available now at

In the meantime, let’s learn about the new tax forms!

From the IRS Website:
“For Tax Year 2018, you will no longer use Form 1040A or Form 1040EZ, but instead will use the redesigned Form 1040. Many people will only need to file Form 1040 and no schedules.”.

  1. New 1040 Form and Instruction booklet on our website.
  2. Tax Tables for 2019 from IRS
  3. Other Forms and Schedules from IRS
  4. IRS offices in the area
  5. Free tax assistance locations in Manchester

The Manchester IRS office is located at 1000 Elm. They offer tax help and forms (when forms are available).

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the library at 624-6550 x 3319.


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New Year’s Resolutions inspired by The Good Place

January 9th, 2019 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, trying to become a better person is pretty common. But what does it mean to be a good person? What is good? And who can truly say who is good or not?

Figure 1: Dog Philosophy (image used with permission)

These are the questions that showrunner Michael Schur plays with in the NBC show The Good Place. Schur, with the help of Dr. Todd May, philosophy consultant, author, and Professor of Philosophy at Clemson University takes a uniquely interesting and dry topic and makes it funny, relatable, and accessible. It’s a great show—I love it. This post isn’t a review for the show, though. You can read more about it and stream episodes here.

Moral Philosophy wouldn’t normally be a topic I’d think much about on a day-to-day basis. I grew up Catholic, and as far as my parents were concerned, the Bible was all the ethical consideration I needed, but Catholicism isn’t big on asking, “Why?” It took a joke about existential dread to get me interested in moral philosophy, so the show must be doing something right.

Stop by the library today, and you can find books on display mentioned or referenced in The Good Place. Check out the links below, and you can discover some pretty entertaining videos, narrated by Dr. Todd May about some fundamental philosophical principals:

Existentialism, a philosophy that each person is ultimately responsible for defining meaning in their own life. If you ask yourself, “What is the point of being good?” Well, the answer isn’t 42.

Utilitarianism, the philosophy that actions do not matter, only the consequences and results of those actions. There are benefits and problems to this philosophy, and often contradictory answers.

Psychological Egoism , the perception that everyone only acts in their own self-interest. Everyone has a little psychological egoism to them, and David Hume believed that the most basic reason people want to be good is that they have sympathy for other people. So, either you’re a psychological egoist, or you’re a Hume-anist.

Dentology, the philosophy that every moral decision should be determined through pure reason. Ask yourself: would I want to live in a world where EVERYONE did this thing? If yes, do that thing. If no, don’t do that thing. Seems simple, right? WRONG.

Philosophy can seem daunting and probably a little dry if you haven’t explored it before, so try reading The Philosophy Book if you just want to get your feet wet, or this Crash Course playlist if you prefer watching videos. And of course, watch The Good Place.


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Computer & Technology Books

January 5th, 2019 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

Got a new phone, ipad, kindle, or other device over the holidays, and need help figuring it out? Stop by the library and check out this display to get some help!

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New Year – New Hobby

January 5th, 2019 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, Teens, Trustees, West Branch

Looking to make a New Year’s Resolution that is easy? Why not try out a new hobby or two? It doesn’t have to be a difficult or involved one and if you don’t try it you won’t ever know if you’d like it. Here’s a list of potential new hobbies to consider. There’s no commitment and we have quite a few books and materials to assist you. Have fun!

Embroidery – Knitting – Quilting

Learn to Play an Instrument

Learn a New Language



Become a Master BBQer

Watch Cat Videos

Explore Your Genealogy


Collect Something (dolls, stamps, postcards, you name it)


Flower Arranging


Watch Dog Videos



DIY (you go, do-it-yourselfers!)

Discover New Music


Explore Where You Live

Learn Magic

Try to Beat a World Record



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The 10 Most-borrowed Books by GMILCS Libraries in 2018!

December 28th, 2018 · Books, City Library, Main Branch, West Branch

GMILCS is a non-profit consortium of twelve public and academic libraries in New Hampshire sharing an integrated catalog system, resources, and experience. These are the 10 most-borrowed adult fiction books by GMILCS libraries in 2018.

If you want to check out one of these books click on the title to be taken to the catalog.

The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn

The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah

Origin, by Dan Brown

Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate

The 17th Suspect, by James Patterson

The Midnight Line, by Lee Child

The President is Missing, by Bill Clinton

Two Kinds of Truthby Michael Connelly

Fifty Fifty, by James Patterson

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